The activity of MVS begins in 1978 with the production of valves for the compressed air field. The continuous attention to customer’s needs lead it, over the years, to develop new products and improve the existing ones. The constant demand of customized products brings MVS, in the next years, to a new important turning point. Following an accurate and meticulous research, MVS sets up very closed co-operations with selected manufacturing companies of the territory that promote MVS to become the ideal partner for whose who are looking for high quality machined components, joining the high competitiveness of the products with an extremily high flexibility of offer and services. More than the machined product, our Company is indeed able to supply surface finishings and treatments such as grinding, polishing, tumbling, marking, chemical and electrolytic nickel plating, chrome plating and anodizing, as well as NSF61 certified surface treatments. Upon request, assemblies and testings. More, upon agreement with the customer, MVS offers blanket orders with call offs, that allow a lower exposition to the variation of prices of the raw materials and very fast deliveries thanks to the stockholding.


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